In Natural Forever our permanent goal is to offer you the highest quality greek products, and our excellent 24/7 customer service.

We collaborate with the best and most experienced Greek organic products producers, Cretan aloe vera juices producers, and Greek extra virgin olive oil from the island of Crete in Greece.

Additionally, we offer you our luxury cosmetic series of Glow Era to offer you a gorgeous look.

Our main principles and commitments are Quality, exceptional customer service, and devotion to perfection.

All our products are being produced with the highest quality and food safety standards to offer you all the flavors and the benefits of Mediterranean cuisine to enjoy with your family and friends.



Feeling proud of our products, completely export-oriented, we are offering a Greek-Mediterranean essence of life worldwide and we keep on expanding our business every day intercontinentally by creating satisfied customers everywhere.


Working closely with the farmers, we control each and every step from sowing to harvesting and delivery of raw materials to our factories, using certified procedures to ensure our high quality products.


As the benefits of the Greek Mediterranean diet have become internationally recognized in recent year, in Ophellia we will continue offering the best products, covering a wide range of consumer needs worldwide with respect, love and dedication to our land.


Customer oriented, Ophellia creates synergies all over the world, offering – beside the products – credibility, quality, transparency, after sales support and at the end the ultimate goal: Customer’s Satisfaction.